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by William Shakespeare

Adapted by Jake Anderson and Joshua Cagle

January 14-23, 2022

Hamlet has never been funnier than in this new tragedy-turned-comedy adaptation! Join a misdirected community theatre troupe as they bumble their way through Shakespeare’s greatest play, despite dropped lines, wardrobe malfunctions, and poor set design in this farcical comedy of errors!

Dramatis Personae

KING CLAUDIUS, played by Steve Jaeger

QUEEN GERTRUDE, played by Katie Smith

PRINCE HAMLET, played by Joshua Cagle

POLONIUS/a PRIEST, played by John Peterson

LAERTES/ the GHOST of Hamlet’s Father, played by Adam Giebner


HORATIO, played by Daniel Moberg

OPHELIA, played by Rachel Coppock


MARCELLUS/ GRAVEDIGGER/ OSRIC, played by Jason Anderson

BERNARDO/ ROSENCRANTZ, played by Shane Troumbly

FRANCISCO/ GUILDENSTERN, played by Stephani Crecelius

The STAGECREW, played by Sammi Benson, Veda Edwards, Julee Jackson, and Emily Slaubaugh


Made possible with support from:


Photos by Jennifer Mariano

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