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Zombie Prom - 2016

Spring 2016

At Greenway Auditorium

March 4, 5, 11 and 12: 2016

Zombie Prom is the perfect event for date night, an evening with friends or family fun night. It’s not scary or gruesome as the name might suggest. It’s a hilarious 1950’s rock n’ roll musical that appeals to all ages. Adults will love the nostalgic rock style music and the classic 50’s fashion. Kids will root for the loveable zombie who just wants to go to the prom with his dream girl.

This tale of atomic adolescent angst is full of memorable characters. Popular senior Toffee, played by Katie Benes, falls for Jonny, a rebel from the wrong side of the tracks, played by new comer Simeon Aitken. Smith will be reprising her role as Delilah Strict, the tyrannical principal bent on ending their romance. She is challenged at every turn by slimy reporter, Eddie Flagrante, who will be brought to life by Mike Magner. The cast is rounded out by colorful characters including the unforgettable nerd Josh who will once again be played by the hilarious John Schroeder.

“About half of the cast are returning from last time,” Smith explains, “which means we had to have last minute auditions to fill in the other half. I really lucked out and had truly wonderful performers show up and I have an amazing cast to work with. After our first rehearsal, I knew this production was going to be special.”

Mary Jo Jess stepped up to be the music director for the production.

“This show is about 95 percent music,” said Smith. “With that much music you need an amazing music director and it doesn’t get any better than Mary Jo!”


John Miller’s incredible set design will be resurrected on the Greenway stage and he will work his magic designing lights as well. Sharon Rasmussen Marty has been tirelessly building and altering a retro rainbow of costumes to complete the time warp to 1957.

This production of Zombie Prom is made possible by Woodland Bank who has generously underwritten the show and also by a gift from the Blandin Foundation.

“I am so proud to be part of a community where local organizations value and support the arts to such a degree, said Smith. “Live theatre is such a rewarding experience as a performer, as part of the production team and as an audience member. I am so grateful that the Players have been keeping live theatre going here in Itasca County for over 50 years!”- Grand Rapids Herald Review

"Rules, regulations, and respect!"
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