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Picturing Grace

Fall 2014

At The Reif Center

Written and Directed by John Schroeder

A story developed from a photograph.

With creative license, the story of Eric Enstrom, Charles Wilden, and Minnesota's state picture, GRACE.

"I am thankful..."

October 17, 18, and 19 2014

The Grand Rapids Players’ fall production, “Picturing Grace,” continues its performances at the Myles Reif Center this weekend. Written and directed by John Schroeder, “Picturing Grace” tells the story of the two men made famous around the world because of the picture “Grace”; the man who posed for it and the man who photographed it.

Eric Enstrom, a Swedish immigrant photographer, is disheartened by the pessimistic views in his community. In his search to capture the photograph that will make people conscious of the things they have rather than the things they have to do without, the international renown picture “Grace” emerged after a chance meeting with a Swedish immigrant peddler, Charles Wilden. The play tells the backstory behind the famous picture, sharing local history in a dramatic presentation that is humorous, heartwarming, and even heart-wrenching at times. Audiences for the show’s opening weekend left the theater with rave reviews.- Grand Rapids Herald Review

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