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Directed by Steve Jaeger

October 11- 20, 2019

Deathtrap Cast:

Playwright Sidney Bruhl (John Peterson), once one of the brightest lights on Broadway has spent the past decade in the grip of the world’s worst case of writer’s block, and finds himself in the depths of despair -- until he receives a package from his former student Clifford Anderson (Nate Pace). Inside is an unproduced script that "better than anything Sidney has written in years." At the urging of his wife, Myra (Susie Mogan), Sidney undertakes a plan to lure Clifford to his country home and, through fair means or foul make that script his own. But shortly after Clifford arrives, it’s clear that things are not what they seem. Even Helga Ten Dorp (Marina Whight), the eccentric psychic/author from next door, and Porter Milgram (Greg Tuttle), Sidney’s observant attorney, can only speculate where the line between truth and deception lies.

Produced with permission from Dramatists Play Service

Photo credits: Jennifer Mariano

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