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The Ballad of Newton Badger

Spring 2017

At The Reif Center-  Ives Studio


Written and Directed by Nathan Bergstedt

Original Music by Sam Miltich

"...the sky is falling?"

"The show is loosely based on the character of Sir Isaac Newton. Besides being famous for his genius, he was also infamous jerk in his time." playwright Nathan Bergstedt explains. "So I thought such a character would be ripe for comedy."

Bergstedt and Miltich have talked about collaborating on a project for years, ever since Bergstedt co-produced the first Shakespeare in the Park production in Grand Rapids in 2013.  After seeing Bergstedt’s adaptation of “The Taming of the Shrew”, Miltich expressed an interest in working together with his friend on creating a show of their own design.  The two eventually came up with a basis from which to start.  Shortly after, “Newton Badger” received the nod of approval from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council and received a grant to begin their project bringing the production to reality.  

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