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Summer 2015

At Showboat Landing

Written and Directed by

Nathan Bergstedt and John Schroeder


A collaboration with Grand Rapids Players, the Uncommon Loons,  and Grand Rapids Showboat.

An imaginative blend of song, dance, poetry, and puppetry celebrating the life of the river.

"...a willful suspension of the now, see..."

July 30, 31, August 1, 6, 7, 8: 2015

The unique collaboration was made possible by many groups and individuals from the area, and it is an “artistic celebration of the life in, on, and along the river.” The show will celebrate that life with song, dance, and large puppetry accompanied by a ongoing narrative. All elements will come together in a “culturally collaborative piece of performance art.”

The storyline follows a young girl named Audrey after she stumbles into the unknown world of Ziibi. After losing the first real friend she makes in the new land, she’s then guided by the Commodore who shows her all the great beauty that can be found in the world even after the loss she suffered. Other characters you can look forward to seeing in this “modern musical fairy tale” include Billie the Blackbird and the very comedic Fuddy and Duddy.

After entertaining at a variety of places around town, “Ziibi” will be Uncommon Loon Theatre Company’s first full length production on a real stage. The company is very excited for their upcoming event, calling it “a spectacle to entertain, intrigue, and wow the audience.” Nathan Bergstedt and John Schroeder have been putting the show together for about a year and a half, building off of Schroeder’s original idea. Together the two created a storyline and put together all the elements of “Ziibi,” with Bergstedt writing the script, and Schroeder directing. According to Bergstedt, they had many different influences while working: the costumes and puppets were inspired by Lion King on Broadway, the color pallet and style of energy were drawn from Moulin Rouge, and the structure of the show was influenced by the annual Showboat here in Grand Rapids. With the Showboat as a tool in which Ziibi was created, the Showboat Landing was decidedly the perfect location to put on the production.- Grand Rapids Herald Review

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