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InsomniActs 5
a binge of theatrical absurdity
from script to stage in 24 hours
performancing January 13, twooty-twooty-four

Friday night (Jan 12)
1. Writers get their rules.

Meet at Klockow Brewing Co. at 8PM for prompts!
2. Writers leave and write through the night.
(the writers are the true insomniacs during this experience)
Saturday morning (Jan 13)...
1. Directors get their scripts.
2. Actors get their directors.
Actors, Directors: Meet at the Reif at 8am!
3. Teams rehearse throughout the day.

Saturday night...
Performances! Four-five 10-15 minutes scenes will debut. We have no idea what they will be until they happen.
Performing at 7pm at the Reif!
Tickets $5 at the door!

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