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Grand Rapids Players’, DIY Summer Theatre Camp Round Three – UP A NOTCH! 

The Grand Rapids Players is pleased to announce that this year’s alternative to their traditional summer program continues forward with Round Three, moving things UP A NOTCH!

This month’s scripts feature 2 more classic folktales, “The Bremen Town Musicians” and “The Elves and the Shoemaker”.  “The difference is,” explains program director Sharon Marty, “That parts of the scripts will be open ended allowing unique and individual dialogue and blocking to be inserted.  We’ve included an extra layer of theatre exposure that opens the door to creative interpretation.”

 “The basic story lines will remain intact,” Marty explained, “But, these 2 featured stories lend themselves to this type of creative freedom.  For example, in the story of “The Elves and the Shoemaker”, the elves do not speak.  But, they most certainly would have had their own conversations, AND their own names, as they stealthily craft the shoes.  In “The Bremen Town Musicians”, there are 4 animals convinced that they can be musicians and entertain the village-folk.   And even tho’ the story is very specific, these characters can all be re-invented!  Honestly, who even has a lute, anymore!  So, in the printed script, their roles are included, followed by blank lines so that the director and/or characters can let their imagination unfold.”

 This DIY program started in June, as a result of the COVID 19 restrictions that closed performing arts centers across the state.  Executive Director Steve Jaeger informed, “We’ve created this program to be COVID compliant, focused on everyone’s health and well-being.  Families living together are invited to join us.  We welcome and encourage organizations and individuals who operate as care-givers, knowing that they, too, are COVID compliant.”

“We’ve received some amazing contributions that are very creative productions!” Marty continued, “We are happy for the way this program alternative is turning out, allowing us a chance to stay connected to the families who’ve sent their kids to us, for many summer theatre camps. We’ve received a variety of productions that include everything from animation to stuffed animals to puppets.

Families and caregivers can choose from 8 scripts created from several popular folk tales including “The Little Red Hen”, “The Three Little Pigs”, “Caps for Sale”, “Goldilocks”, “The Gingerbread Man” and several others, along with the two new August additions.  The scripts have been crafted so that they are easy to read with cast sizes from 4-6 roles, including parts for every age and each can easily accommodate multiple-role assignments if need be.  Many of the scripts include sound effects, invite the addition of original dance and music, and cultivate thinking outside the box. Each selection comes with a Scripts & Tips packet that includes advice on staging an in-home production and suggestions for simple costumes and props, along with some literature and theatre education pieces.  All are invited to record their production and send it to the Grand Rapids Players.  At the conclusion of the program, all recordings will be combined as a production that will be aired on ICTV.  The Grand Rapids Players website offers information on how to get started.  There is no fee to participate in this program. Visit

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