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Photo credit: Jennifer Mariano
Picturing Grace 2014

Making Masks

When our costumer Sharon Marty first joined the campaign that Karla Merhar began, she started looking through her collection of fabric remnants and quickly depleted her own stash.  GRP Executive Director Steve Jaeger, caught wind of the project and saw this as an opportunity for GRP to join in.

Sharon gathered up fabric remnants from our costume room, left over from past productions, plus all the elastic she could find, teamed up with Kathy Lepak, her costume partner for many years, and they've been fervently sewing face masks for the past few weeks!  They say it's a great feeling to contribute something to the greater good.  On the surface, the face masks look pretty trivial, but once you understand how critical it is that we get these out to the folks who need them for protection, it's a powerful feeling knowing that we can be a part of that force. On a personal note, Sharon says that many of these pieces of fabric have a soulful connection with her.  She is using fabric pieces that are left over from a previous production and she can recall the memories of each particular show along with the person that the costume was created for. Many times she finds herself sewing along, reminiscing a certain show and/or people, and the next thing she knows, she's finished the mask, without even thinking about it!  Now THAT'S a force!  

The masks are traveling to many places.  Some have gone to ISD 318 for their nurses and paras.  Many have gone to Grand Itasca.  A few have been sent to HD Country Care, a care facility for folks with Huntington's Disease in Pine City, along with Keisler House, and individuals who are requesting them, as well.  We've created prints, solids, plaids, checks, florals, and even camo!  To date, Sharon and Kathy have created about 200. And, they're not done yet!

Our community has supported GRP for 54 years.  We're excited and proud to have a chance to show our support, in return.